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We bring to you the most popular, exciting and entertaining Day Tours you must experience while in Krabi.

Krabi is a beautiful tropical paradise with an un-spoilt natural landscape. While holidaying in Krabi you can experience the true natural beauty of this tropical paradise first hand via a number of amazing Krabi day tours which you can book with us. Here are some of the best Day Tours you must experience while in Krabi.

The Krabi 7 Island Sunset Tour with BBQ Dinner, is a Day Tour you cannot miss, you can undertake this Day Tour via speedboat, longtail boat or the big boat depending upon your preference. This Day Tour takes you across the 7 islands Area front Ao Nang : Poda Island, Chicken Island, Tup Island, Door, Talu, Mae & Urai Islands. Enjoy these islands in full, enjoy snorkeling on coral reefs and sandbanks , climbing and jumping into the sea from safe point from Island cliffs. Enjoy a luscious BBQ Dinner at the Phranang Beach and finally the Night Snorkeling with Bio Luminescent Phenomen are the highlights of this Day Tour in Krabi.

The 4 Island Day Tour via Speedboat or Longtail boat is also one of the best Day excursions while in Krabi. This tour will take you across 4 Islands, the Poda island, ideal for snorkeling and sunbathing. The Tup island is directly connected with the Chicken island by a white sand line and at times it is possible to walk to the Chicken island from the Tup Island, it is again a nice place for snorkeling full of Clown Fish who will dance around you until you leave the site. And lastly experience the Phranang beach, the best place in Ao Nang, enjoy the beach and its Caves and limestone Cliffs characteristic only of Krabi region.

The Hong Island Day Tour and the Phi Phi Island Day Tour, also cannot be missed, the Hong Island Day Tour can be undertake via Speed Boat and Longtail Boat while the Phi Phi Island Day Tour can be undertaken via speed boat, these are again very popular tours and beautiful unforgettable experiences in the Tropical paradise of Krabi. These tour are the best for activities like snorkeling, diving and kayaking.

The Rainforest Day Tour in Krabi is a must for exploring the beautiful landscape of Krabi, visit the Tiger Temple Cave atop a cliff, enjoy in the natural baths like the Hot Water Springs waterfall and the Emerald & Blue Pool, go Elephant Trekking or on an ATV safari on this amazing Krabi Day Tour.

Apart from these you can also undertake the Ao Thalane Kayaking Tour Program, for which we have three programs the half day, full day and sunset tours.

Experiencing any of the Krabi Day Tours will truly make your stay a memorable experience.