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Bangkok Entertainment Tours

Canary Travel will only charge 900 baht and this includes a free drink (alcohol, tea, coffee etc) while the walk in price is 1200 baht. See the show tonight!! We can send you the voucher by e mail so you can see the show this evening. Please give four hours notice so we can process your request; simply print the voucher and give to reception at Asiatique.

Leaving at 0800 we travel to Dreamworld. If you enjoy American style theme parks set in well landscaped gardens you will enjoy Dreamworld. It has everything you could wish for to complete an exciting day out, roller coasters, white water rapids, animal shows and adventure rides and more, too many to mention. You will get wet on some of the water rides but you will soon dry off in the Bangkok heat.

In NANTA, Knives and other kitchen utensils are transformed into musical instruments in the hands of the performers.The haunting and heart-stirring music based upon Asia rhythms combined with five distinctive characters.Comic explosion! NANTA still grows everyday to become a better production and a more entertaining performance.

This show is such a well performed event and with spectacular special effects you will enjoy every aspect of the show. It is a must see for all those who visit Bangkok. This will be one of the best shows that you will ever see. It is a superb show depicting Thai history and culture. The effects are amazing and the actors and dancers are most impressive.