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Erawan museum & Ancient City (Muang Boran)

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Muang Boran, or The Ancient City, is the worlds largest open air museum

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Tour starts from Bangkok at 0700 hours for the Erawan museum.

The museum, housed in the body of a huge three headed elephant, was built to preserve a large amount of antiques and religious artifacts. The three headed elephant weighs over 100 tons. You can choose a lift or take the staircase to reach different levels. Tours start every 30 minutes.

Tour then departs to Muang Boran, the Ancient City and have lunch in a nearby restaurant., Muang Boran is the worlds largest open air museum. It has scaled down replicas of many important historical sites in Thailand. Located on an area of 320 acres the Ancient City reflects different aspects of Thai culture through 116 buildings giving an insight into Thai identity in terms of history, arts, traditions and cultures.

Tour arrives back in Bangkok at 1630.

Tour includes:

Tour guide at the Erawan Museum.
Thai lunch at the Ancient City.
Entrance fee.
Transfer fee

Itinerary Tour subject to change without prior notice.(MINIMUM 2 PAX)

Time : 07.00-16.30